Friday, February 1, 2008

Black & White

Last year around this time I decided I needed to have a Boston Terrier puppy. I didn't just want one, I needed one. It had been just over a year since my parents had passed away and I missed them. I missed the security I felt with them, even though I am married and have a family of my own. What could I do to work through the grief of being a 45-year-old 'orphan'? I found my answer on numerous magazine pages and television ads. In my trend pursuits I started noticing Boston Terriers were popping up when I least expected them. Little black and white, pug-nosed dogs laying on pillows, lounging on furniture and poised in cars of the rich and famous. I was drawn to them. You see I had had one as a child. "Snuffy" was my birthday gift when I turned 8-years-old. He grew up with me and my siblings and lived to the ripe old age of seventeen. He was my friend from childhood into adulthood. He had been there through it all. So I made a decision. I would get a Boston Terrier. All I had to do was convince my husband that our family needed an indoor dog. Long story short, he gave in and was actually the one who found our new puppy, "Gabby." She was born in April and we brought her home to join our family in June. Ironically, she has become my husband's shadow, much to his surprise and delight. My boys and I call Gabby "the Gabster" and "Gabbalicious" because we love her so much! And at the end of a long day when I finally sit in my chair I have a warm sense of my childhood, as I softly pet my beloved lap dog.

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Candyland said...

What a great story! So trendy and so personal at the same time . . . and she's an absolute doll puppy!

She'll happily help you along this next phase of your life path, so you won't feel as alone as you have. Gentle spirits are all around us!


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