Friday, May 2, 2014

Multi-faceted Objects

I went to Target this week to pick up some party supplies, and because I am an art supply junkie (my heart races when I am in the presence of something cool and inspiring) I had to check out the pens/markers/crayons just for fun. I found these jewel shaped crayons and mash up writers by Todd Oldham in his Kid Made Modern collection. I had to have them! Luckily, they were cheap. I was so inspired by them that when I got home I displayed them in one of my old wooden bowls that makes everything look even more yummy! I didn't even care if these things colored very well - they do! - because I was so lovin' them. I went back through my pictures in my Geometric Trend file and found more images of inspiration to share. What is it about the shape of a jewel that I find so appealing?
Kid Made Modern crayons by Todd Oldhan/Target
 Nylon Diamond Rings/Maison 23

Glycerin Soap/Pinterest/MrPrintables

Apartment Therapy

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