Monday, November 7, 2011

Joy on the Beach

I haven't shared anything personal for a long time, so I thought I'd share these pictures. Three weeks ago my sweet niece, Lisa, passed away at the very young age of 46. Our family attended her funeral a week later. It was a beautiful sunny weekend - almost rare because of the fog that rolls in on the peninsula. Anyway, on our last day there we promised the boys we would stop on the beach and let them collect treasures on the shore. The morning started out sunny but by 11am the fog was rolling in. As you can see, that didn't stop our boys from inching their way toward the waves and playing with such joy I didn't have the heart to stop them. I even took pictures of their footprints... and I thought about how our lives and the time we spend here on earth is just as fleeting as our footprints on wet sand. Goodbye, Lisa. xoxoxo

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