Thursday, September 30, 2010

Convertible Clothes

Don't you just love it when you find a garment that can do double or even triple duty within your wardrobe? As consumers continue to hold a firm grip on their dollars until the economy feels more certain, designers are providing creative fashion solutions that appeal to even the most frugal fashionista. Here are some examples of convertible clothes (photographed by John Lawton) I found in the October issue of REAL SIMPLE magazine:

This fur vest is easily reversed for double duty as a sweater vest. This cape and vest combo ( offers two chic ways to stay warm no matter how quickly the temperature may change. This nautical knit sweater (Neiman Marcus) offers four-way options for style and warmth. I love this idea of clutch bag and a necklace in one ( These boots (Fratelli Rossetti) easily unclip to reveal two classic styles .

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Andrea Kyriakou said...

how can we contact you??? I loves your clothes..


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