Tuesday, August 4, 2009

Weekend Escape

This past weekend my family and I headed to Pacific Grove on the Monterey Peninsula. My niece and her sister-in-law had a pre-grand opening for the fabulous coffee house they now own. (I will share more details on it once they actually open.) Being the supportive aunt that I am, I took Friday and Monday off of work so that we could be there to celebrate with her. Yes, it was a sacrifice....We had to leave behind the 107 degree weather in the central valley to spend time on the 67 degree coastline. It was rough, really. We had to attend a party that served desserts and wine and delicious coffee drinks. I had to mingle with interesting friends and some family members whom I haven't seen for a while. And all this was just on Friday night! Saturday, one of my sisters and some more family members hopped into our car and we took a quick ride to Carmel to drive along the coastline and see the delightful hobbit housesthat are nestled in between million dollar-plus homes. We somehow found our way to Mission Ranch, (this is the honeymoon suite, below) a place so beautiful we are determined to stay there next time we go. Sunday, after saying goodbye to my sweet sisters, and after a final trek down to Asilomar beach to climb around on the rocks and peer into the tide pools to see the hermit crabs and abalone shells, we headed home. I love it in Pacific Grove. I love it. Love it!

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