Tuesday, December 2, 2008

Peace for Christmas

Peace..........What a great word. What a great concept. It is often elusive. Peace, or at least the symbol for it, is fast becoming a Christmas icon. As the peace sign continues to celebrate it's 50-year anniversary, it winds down the 2008 year with a Christmas bang. Here are some favorites:

Peace ornaments from Alisa Burke, who makes the coolest stuff out of painted canvas. I just saw them on her blog and went straight to her Etsy site to purchase them but they were sold out! Alisa, make some more pleeeaase! Then I found these fabulous Love Dove cookies from Eleni's. Mmm. I am feeling the love and the peace.
Barney's New York holiday windows features this 'Have A Hippy Holiday' peace and love display. Isn't this fun? And so very PEACEful.

Sundance catalog gives peace a chance this holiday season with peace ornaments. It's a trendy was to commemorate the peace symbol's anniversary.

These symbols of peace are sending a pop culture message. Everyone is looking for peace in a time of uncertainty and change, especially during the Christmas season. Eat a Peace cookie. Hang a PEACE ornament. Think peaceful thoughts. Here is my list of how to be at peace this holiday season:

  • Be a courteous and peaceful driver, especially around the mall or during rush hour traffic. It's just as easy to give a friendly wave to someone to go in front of you as it is to shake your fist at them as they try to cut you off. Think: Peace on earth, good will toward men.
  • Don't buy into all the Christmas commercialism - it's so UNpeaceful! Make new family traditions instead. We like to walk Christmas Tree Lane. What are some of your favorites?
  • Focus on the reason for the season. It's not about getting. It's about giving. Give of your time if your resources are limited - maybe that means bringing cookies or a dinner to a needy neighbor.
  • Focus on all you do have. At Thanksgiving and Christmas we make it a habit to say at least one thing we are thankful for before we feast on our holiday dinner.
  • Have a family craft night and make your own PEACE ornaments. It's a fun way to bring a little peace to your home, and you can decorate your tree at the same time.

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Alisa Burke said...

Hello Jen!! Thanks so much for the blurb on my peace ornaments- my shop is stocked with them!!!


Happy Holidays!!!


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