Thursday, December 18, 2008

Bold Costume Jewelry, Sonia Boyajian, Calder and The Fresno Bee

What do all of these things have in common? Let me explain: Every morning I get up extra early so I can have a cup of coffee and read the morning paper with my husband before my kids wake up and before I have to haul myself off to work. I am usually an 'online girl' when it comes to getting my news, but I still get the paper delivered to my house because there is just something relaxing about sitting in my cozy chair, wearing my comfy robe, sipping my coffee and holding the edges of the newspaper as I comb each page for pertinent trend info. This morning on the front page of the Life Section was an article called Bringing back big, sparkly, bold and sassy. Being a jewelry designer by night, I was intrigued. It was about the return of fabulous costume jewelry, and it spotlighted a young jewelry designer named Sonia Boyajian who has created and worn her own line of jewelry since 2001. The story goes on to talk about Sonia's upcoming wedding to songwriter Alexander Rousmaniere, who is the grandson of New York art dealer Klaus Peris, who launched sculptor Alexander Calder's career. Seems Boyajian is also a lifelong fan of Calder (who I just blogged about!) and has been inspired by his inventive jewelry and mobiles. Her bold use of wire is often sculptural, balancing beads and chunky crystals with feathers and exotic elements.Boyajian designed Scarlett Johansson's 3-carat diamond engagement ring (!) and her pieces can be found in some of the most trendsetting boutiques in the world. Hopefully at this point my story title is making sense.Bottom line: Make a statement with a bold piece of costume jewelry. Wearing a fabulous accessory can make last year's outfit look right on trend!

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