Monday, October 6, 2008


It's October! A kick-off to a favorite time of the year for me and my family because it means it is officially Fall with cool mornings and shorter days. I love the end of summer because I live in Fresno, California, and it is always so hot here, even up to last week it was in the mid-90's. I'm just OVER that! October means the Big Fresno Fair, decorating for Fall, visiting our favorite pumpkin patches - we have two - one is Cobb's on Highway 41, just north of the San Joaquin River, and the other is Satterstrom's in Reedley. My boys love the hay rides, the corn maze and picking out pumpkins to adorn our porch and dining room table. It also means soccer practice and soccer games on the weekends. It is a busy time for us. Last Saturday we had a family wedding to attend at Wolf Lakes. We have another wedding this Saturday at Huntington Lake in the mountains. Then Sunday we have an art show to attend and later in the evening we are having dinner with friends. Yes, October is definitely the start of a busy holiday season. With the economy the way it is I anticipate less commercialism and more family time for us. I am really OK with this concept because I have always hated the bombardment of materialism turning my simplistic holiday wishes into a three-ring-circus. I am actually looking forward to taking a 'less is more' approach to the holiday season. I've written about "staycations' and about the growing trend in refashioning - thrift store shopping is up by about 30% in the central valley. Hmmm. Lots to think about as Christmas approaches. For now, I am just enjoying October and all the promise it holds as this tumultuous year winds down. Yes, promise..........I choose to remain optimistic because I know that my true riches don't reside in a bank or in stocks and bonds (yes, we have them and are concerned). I choose to enjoy what today brings, in October.

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Ceramic Diva said... are so right! This time of year is beautiful! Fall is my favorite time of year...although October is usually just the beginning of the season of madness! This year I have decided not to go overboard on gifts...I am planning on making some of the gifts I give! It's that personal touch...who wouldn't love a special customized gift!

Ceramic Diva


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