Friday, September 26, 2008


Ashley Simpson in a Shibori dyed dress from Gypsy 05

While the dip-dyed (ombre) look is still popular in fashion, a new (old) trend in dye is the Shibori technique. Shibori is the ancient Japanese technique of bound-resist dyeing. The dye patterns have a delicate, intricate quality about them. I saw this look at Sourcing At MAGIC while I was there in August. Dyed garments and accessories - shoes, bags, belts, fringe - were huge at this show. While there were a variety of popular dye techniques at MAGIC, Shibori appears to be gaining exposure. It is a beautiful technique and appears to be the next evolution in dyes. Shibori fashion sightings include:

Baby Phat Spring 2009 Fashion Show, NY runway

Scarf by Gypsy V
VOGUE magazine, October 2008

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Tally O said...

oh boy - I feel so cool now. I have a beautiful scarf that I bought last year in San Fran that I just love that I now know was made with this technique. I had it a year ago! Such a fashionista I am...


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