Thursday, January 17, 2008

The Vinyl Revival

As a trend hunter I subscribe to many trend sources. One of my favorites is Trendcentral. I am happy to report that I received a trend tidbit from them today in my inbox that answered a question I posed in my December 11th blog entry. I was wondering why record players were being marketed by Urban Outfitters when their target market is obviously not the boomer crowd who actually used these players back in the day. It's ironic, isn't it, that I am still learning all the new ways to play music on my ipod while the under 30's are being encouraged to play vinyl on an actual record player. Hmmm......... Anyway, Nielsen SoundScan says that the sale of vinyl records are growing, up 15.4% from the year before. In fact, this past fall introduced a vinyl-only store and now offers 150,000 records. Trendcentral tells us consumers are drawn to vinyl records for a variety of reasons: The sound of vinyl is more multi-dimensional than both CDs and digital downloads; young music collectors are digging the large album cover graphics (some of the finest representations of pop culture); and, because you can make fun stuff out of the vinyl itself when you heat it and press it into cool shapes. Have you experienced vinyl lately?

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