Wednesday, January 2, 2008

Fashion ART

Fashion Art. The brushstroke look is a print trend for Fall 2008 - Winter 2009, so says Infomat, a fashion industry search engine. Yet this fabulously artsy look is showing up everywhere already. Take a peek back at Vogue or Women's Wear Daily, November 2007. The look seems as though it were conceived on an artist's canvas instead of in the workshop of a couture designer. Some of the fabrics look like the American expressionist Jackson Pollock flung his paints at them, while many of the floral prints look inspired by the Impressionist artist, Renoir. Some of the brushstrokes are bold and deliberate. Some have a delicate, feather like quality. It is exciting to see garments that look so expressive and artistic. The palettes are bold and colorful. They are in direct juxtaposition to the neutral palette that has been the norm over the last year or two. One of my favorite fashion accessories that really shows off this brushstroke technique are the paint-spattered rain boots by Sergio Alcala. They're so inspiring! The best thing about this trend is that I can create my own brushstroke look with most of the Tulip products Duncan manufactures. I can't wait to make my own fashion statement!

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