Tuesday, January 15, 2008

Enamel Jewelry

I love jewelry. I love to make it, buy it, wear it. So naturally, I notice it. And what I have noticed lately is enamel jewelry being all the rage. Enameling is a decorative technique - the fusion of special powdered glass to metals, most commonly copper, brass or gold, using heat to melt the powder. The result is a high-gloss, colorful finish. O Magazine dedicates an entire page in its February issue to what it calls 'artful enamel.' Banana Republic has an ad in InStyle Magazine showing a woman with stacks of geometric bracelets on her wrists. Models are wearing colorful enamel bangles, cuff and rings in various proportions in Women's Wear Daily. My favorite lustrous enamel adornments come from Anthropologie. They are brightly-colored and simplistic in pattern, optimistic, perfect for the bright palette of spring. What's great about enamel jewelry is it can be casual and sophisticated, depending on what you wear. Get your enamel on!


Swelldesigner said...

I love enamel jewelry too! I saw some beautiful watches recently at a bead show in all fun colors of enamel. I purchased some fun enamel charms and what-not on Etsy...I would like to find some pendants and blanks as well.

DDC said...

Hi: I found your blog through the Crafty Chica. I am really interested in your perspective, since you're a jewelry-maker as well as trend spotter (what fun!). I have created an interchangeable jewelry clasp (recently received a US patent for it) and own a small shop in Brighton, MI. My big design passion in focused on creating handmade jewelry that is all part on an interchangeable system. My blog shows lots of pics:


My style tends toward feminine designs (halfway between "Sundance" and "Tiffany" with a "Martha Stewart" slant). But I love the fact that, with flexible designs, a piece can be funky or formal. My next design series will be about much more hip things (charms and pendant rings based on "green" themes and the "CoeXisT" symbol that you see at U2 concerts.

I would love your comments and perspective, as I have been looking around for sites for beaders and jewelry-makers that focus on interchangeable designs. My whole perspective is that the creativity shouldn't end at the craft table: your jewelry should be able to be mixed and matched to create the perfect accent for your outfit or mood everyday (and that, literally, a piece of jewelry you could wear to a wedding could be worn with a demin jacket just as appropriately).

Anyway, I am enjoying your blog and will be adding on my list!

The Trend Spot said...

Thank you for reading my blog. I am new at this and I aways am tickled when I receive a comment. So far the comments have all been positive. I checked out your site and your work is beautiful. I have not made jewelry that I would consider flexible. In truth, I am so busy here at Duncan with all the trending I do I haven't had much time for my private passion - jewelry making. I will have to post some of my work so you can see what I do. I make it mostly for myself and to give as gifts at this point. I would love to try your clasp. It looks wonderful.

DDC said...

I think your blog is a great resource: it is so helpful to get the perspective of someone whose job it is to identify trends. It's great to see glimpses of the new things that will be coming down the road. As for my clasp: thank you too. There are so many cool "niche" blogs out there, I figured someone would be focusing on interchangeable jewelry designs. I guess if you can't hop on a trend, you can just do what interests you and, who knows, maybe it will start one.!

I'll keep looking in on your blog. I really do think it's very helpful and fun to get a "sneak peak" at what's next.


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