Thursday, December 6, 2007

Refashioned Bags

I think by now we all know that "green" is the new black. This means we must all be responsible and recycle, and there are so many opportunities to do this. If you yourself are not the creative sort you can at least be fashionably supportive of those who are. Back in August I had the opportunity to attend the Sourcing at MAGIC show in Las Vegas. It is really three shows under the MAGIC umbrella: Pool, Project and MAGIC. The Pool showroom was my favorite because it showcased the grassroots artisans. They make cool things, some from recycled objects, giving new life to used items. Worn skateboards were cut up and refashioned into totes and wallets by beck(y) . I love these! Then I went looking for even more refashioned purses and found Kim White Hangbags. Made from vintage automotive fabrics, Kim White uses dead stock never-used textiles intended for use in American automobiles-cars, trucks, vans. Each handbag is tagged with the years and make of the fabric, so you know exactly what car your bag comes from. Very, very cool.

1 comment:

Bunko Lass said...

I love the purses. What an interested concept, using automotive fabrics. Im looking forward to seeing what other interesting crafts you find.


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