Wednesday, December 26, 2007

The Classic - Plaid

Yikes! In my rush to stay on top of Christmas I have neglected my blog. But what to blog about today? I got up this morning knowing that I would need to update it and talk about something trendy and relevant. But what? It's the day after Christmas, after all. As I sat in my cozy chair this early winter morning, drinking my coffee while reading the newspaper with my husband, an article caught my eye. "Everyone's Mad About Plaid," it said. The article (by Melissa Magsaysay, The Los Angeles Times) talked about being fashionably plaid. But hey, hasn't plaid been around forever? Plaid is a classic we see almost every season. It never loses its appeal. So what makes this season different? I think it is where and how the plaid is being worn that makes the difference. Plaid has an air of eccentricity to it, it can be very punk, it can be festive, depending on the color, texture, style and size. If not worn subtly it can look overwhelming, and it is not the easiest thing to wear without looking like you lost your bagpipes. Sarah Jessica Parker wore a tartan Alexander McQueen gown to the 2006 Costume Institute Ball at New York's Metropolitan Museum of Art. Normally a fashion favorite, she was criticized for her plaid faux paux. Sometimes plaid makes a better statement when worn as an accent piece rather than as the entire outfit. Think shoes, belts, even jewelry. Jessica Simpson offers plaid shoes in flats and pumps. Converse is making a preppy plaid sneaker in brown and Brooks Brothers is using plaid to add detail to just one pant leg. All this talk of plaid made me think about the bigger story here: Just because something is a trend doesn't mean it is for everyone, at least not in one big dose. A little can go a long way. And be choosy about how you wear the latest fashion trend. Think outside the box. Wearing a classic in an unexpected way can add freshness to an old favorite.

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