Tuesday, December 11, 2007

Blast From the Past

As I am getting ready for Christmas and browsing through some hip catalogs like Sundance and Urban Outfitters, I start noticing that there are images of nostalgic machines popping up before me. Seeing these retro-designed cameras, vintage typewriters, transistor radios and even turntables for albums makes me smile. I know these old friends! I grew up with them. I even recognize the old typewriter that Sundance sells with the actual replacement ribbon! How old-school is that? (If that is just too old for you you can always buy the typewriter ornament for your tree.) My dad had one of those black typewriters in his office and he actually used it. I thought it was ancient then. My sister and I used to tease him about it. However, when my dad passed away last year it was me who staked claim to that vintage form of communication that spent so much time with my dad's fingers tapping its keys. What is most interesting to me is that a youth-focus company like Urban Outfitters is marketing these cool re-creations, updated with the latest technology, to the under 25 group. I have to wonder what someone who possibly has never had a vinyl album in their hand thinks of the turntables for sale.

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