Friday, April 12, 2013

DIY Thrift Store Art

Happy Friday!
I love recycled, re-purposed things. Giving objects a second chance or a brand new life as something else is very appealing to me. I tend to make a lot of my jewelry like this. I saw this on Apartment Therapy and had to share it. I thought this was such a clever idea! Don't we all see these awful old paintings stacked along a wall at our favorite thrift stores and wonder why in the world anyone would buy them, apart from recycling the frame of course? But now they can become a conversation piece in your home, and you can do-it-yourself! Check these out:

 Song lyric wall art by A Beautiful Mess

Add monsters to a scene like artist Chris McMahon 

Make a fun message board incorporating chalkboard paint like the one in this thrift store painting from

Dipped portrait by Oliver Jeffers

Follow a DIY tutorial by Ashley Ann to make a painting look like a vintage Paint-By-Number

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