Tuesday, April 30, 2013

Did you know that today is National Tie-Dye Day?

Tie-dye is magical…tie-dye is mystical…tie-dye is happiness.  Whether you've been tie-dying for decades or are tie-dying for the first time, the experience always produces smiles and giggles.  There is just something about tie-dye that attracts all ages.  Maybe it’s that tie-dye just can’t be messed up…or maybe it’s because the outcome is always different.  There is freedom and expression that comes from the tie-dye experience unlike any other creative activity.

Tie-Dye is hotter than ever in 2013, and it's so fun and easy (and mess-free) to do it yourself. Check out the beautiful and tie-dye clad Beyonce in the H&M Summer Collection singing 'Standing On the Sun'.

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