Monday, November 12, 2012

DIY Christmas Banner

I got inspired over the weekend to make a super easy, inexpensive Christmas banner for my friend's work cube. She loves purple and couldn't find a Christmas banner that she liked. Here's what I did: I bought a package of black and white paper straws while shopping at Home Goods.They are the coolest things! Then I stopped by Target and perused their holiday section and found these felt snowflakes for $1 each. A dollar.  How could I not buy them? To make my banner I simply cut the straws into approximately 1" lengths and began stringing them onto cotton string (about 6 feet long). There are probably about 8-10 pieces of the paper straw between each snowflake with about twice that at the beginning and end of the banner. I did cut the gold ribbon off  of the snowflakes and used the cotton string to make a loop instead so that all the string would match. When I was done stringing, I made a loop at each end of the banner for easy hanging. This project literally took about 20 minutes at my kitchen table to put together. How easy is that!? And my friend loves it!


Annie V said...

This is cool and smart! Love the straw idea! For some reason I am into banners too using scrapbook paper to make paper medallions that I string on ribbon with small gauge wire thread. I also custom designed various Merry Christmas banners in different backgrounds and fonts on my desktop drawing program. Then I print them and cut out each letter with fancy scissors string them on ribbon and voila! A very easy inexpensive and pretty way to add a festive look!

The Trend Spot said...

Thanks, Annie! Your project sounds like a cool idea.


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