Tuesday, December 13, 2011

The Elizabeth Taylor Collection

I've been sick with a cold and cough the past couple of days and haven't spent much time on my computer. However, one event I've been aware of (captivated by?) is the NYC auction of "The Collection of Elizabeth Taylor." Clothing, jewelry and artwork owned by actress, activist, and icon Elizabeth Taylor are on display at Christie's auction house in New York, and will be auctioned live and online from today through December 17.

Elizabeth had such a great sense of style, back before stylists were used to dress celebrities. What I love about this auction is that there is a story associated with each piece, giving t
he new owner an emotional connection to Elizabeth Taylor. For example, there's a tiara with this story attached: Husband Mike Todd gave it to her because, he told you, "You are my queen, and you need a crown." It's reported that Ms. Taylor wore it to swim in her pool. Isn't that wild? If you are fortunate enough to buy anything from this collection, you'll be buying a piece of pop culture and fashion history. Watch this video to see more.


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