Monday, August 8, 2011

Last Friday

On Friday night we headed out to Old Town Clovis to check out Farmers Market and to peek inside the antique stores that were open because I am on the hunt for some vintage jewelry I can use in a jewelry remake. We parked by a great pizzeria called Michaelangelo's. We had never eaten there before even though we found out later that they have been at this same location for 12 years. After we were done shopping we headed back for pizza. If you want to eat the best pizza in the world, you have to try Michaelangelo's! And they are so nice there! The flowers I bought at the farmers market were bagged with about a cup of water on the bottom. I laid the flowers down on our table and flooded it. No worries....they were quick to soak up my mess, and they even brought me a pitcher to rest my flowers in until we were ready to go.

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