Wednesday, April 29, 2009

The Optomistic Polka Dot

Sometimes it's hard to write a trend blog. I am immersed on a daily basis in news stories, magazine features, pop culture venues, the Internet and of course, other peoples blogs and it seems almost ridiculous to discuss the relevance of say, polka dots, when the swine flu is threatening the health of people around the world and in our own back yard. But then I think, Jen, you have an opportunity to bring levity to people who are experiencing the challenges of this sobering time we are in. So, on that note, I will discuss why polka dots are important. Don't laugh! There are reasons that polka dots are trendy again. Polka dots are classic and retro in feel, yet they are upbeat and optimistic, too. Black and white polka dots are dramatic. Colorful polka dots are youthful and festive. People tend to look back to the comforts of their childhood when they are fearful. People are not afraid of polka dots. Polka dots say, "Hey, things are going to be OK." Polka dots mean PARTY! The designer, Michael Kors, was all about polka dots for his spring fashion offerings. Yes, times are hard, scary, uncertain............but don't fall into the grey trend trap and miss out on the attitude-adjusting polka dot. Better still, grab your kids, last year's tee shirt, a bag a fat marshmellows, some Tulip fabric paint and have a polka dot refashion party. Simply dip the marshmellows in the paint, press it onto your fabric, repeat as many times as necessary to make your pattern and voila!, you have a fabulously fun and trendy shirt.


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