Thursday, April 30, 2009

Brooches For Men

A friend of mine came over last night so we could set up for a jewelry show we are having to sell our handmade treasures before Mother's Day. Anyway, being big-time American Idol fans, we stopped to watch the show. Well, look at what is on Adam Lambert's lapel, I said. It's a cool man brooch. I just read about these somewhere in some obscure trend article. I spent this morning looking for it to no avail. So I went online and found some more examples of what may shape up to be a very hot trend for men, especially this fall. Depending on the piece, the brooch can add an edgy vibe or bring an unexpected level of sophistication to a guy's jacket.

The men's brooches from the above picture, courtesy of Brandish, are available from the likes of Urweg, Yoox, BBlessing and Cooper-Hewitt. You can also do some hunting for the men's brooches from Gucci's Autumn (Fall)/Winter 2008 collection, which have easily been amongst the best to hit the catwalks.

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Craft For Health said...

This is a nice trend I recently noticed too. I especially like it if done in good taste. I love a man who is bold enough to discover accessories. Hey what ever happened to tie pins and watch chains---maybe they'll make a come back too. Shall we say tah-tah to those heavy gold chains around mens neck. I hope so!



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