Friday, August 1, 2008


Over the past few months I have been seeing vests being worn by men and women - very casual, very thrift store, very cool. I've also seen them on celebs and on the runways. Vests are a versatile way to add sophistication and polish to whatever you wear. I particularly like seeing a vest over a tee-shirt. It is another layer to the menswear trend that has been building over the past few seasons. Hats are way in, as are the brass chains worn in multiples around the neck, as well as the wingtip high heels we saw last fall for women. While out shopping last week (online browsing is great but I love the tactile experience, myself) I stepped into Urban Outfitters and saw all kinds of vests, neckties and even bowties for the under-25ers. Long vests were a feature at New York Fashion Week back in February 2008.
The latest copy (August) of VOGUE has an ad for Model.Live, a reality TV show on VOGUE.TV that features women wearing clothing with a menswear feel.
And then there is my favorite, Bill Cunningham's Fashion On the Street, that gives us an update of what the New York street crowd considers hip. The vest, on men and women, acts as an unfussy layer of contemporary style that brings sophistication to casual streetwear.

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