Wednesday, August 13, 2008

Cycling In Style

Back in July, the 18th to be specific, I blogged about the growing bike trend I have been watching. Well, check out the trendy helmets from Copenhagen-based Yakkay. Called "Brainwear For Smart People," these helmets cater to design-conscious urban cyclists who'd rather not sacrifice style for safety. Created by a group of Danish designers, the helmet has ten interchangeable covers so you can set the style yourself. (Don't you just love it when practicality meets good design AND personalization is involved?) The simple shell helmet retails for about $120, while the covers sell for $6o. As more customers across the world hop on their bikes to reduce their gas bills, carbon footprints and waistlines, the market for innovative cycling products and services should grow at a healthy pace.

Working for Duncan Enterprises and having access to all the Tulip Fashion Paint and embellishments - like crystals and appliques - I would have to view these 'hat helmets' as a blank canvas just waiting to be artfully altered. Now that's what I would call a fashion statement!


Tally O said...

I just made my first rainbow designed card, based on your trendspotting!

The Trend Spot said...

I am so excited! I want to see it. Do you mind sharing? Jennifer


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