Wednesday, June 18, 2008


Back in February I became aware of this website called 'Sleeveface.' Sleeveface is where one or more persons obscure or augment any part of their body or bodies with a record sleeve causing an illusion. It started in Wales, but the trend can be viewed on YouTube, Facebook and Flickr. I found it completely intriguing. I printed some pics and brought them into my trend meeting as a possible fad or trend to watch. Well, within a couple of weeks PEOPLE Magazine (March 24, 2008) featured a story called Covered Up. They called sleevefacing a "hot web trend" and "the latest DIY Internet fad." Now thousands of music fans are taking pictures of themselves with their favorite album covers.
What to do with such a trend? Jump on it! That's exactly what Duncan is doing - incorporating a cool Internet trend while making a fashion art statement.

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