Thursday, June 12, 2008

Long Live Rock (and Dean)

Yesterday I get to work and start going through my emails, without even having any morning coffee (imagine that!) and one of my emails is from my big boss, Valerie, requesting that we all dress as 'rockers' because the next day (today) it is Dean's birthday. Dean is a cool guy I work with who just happens to be a rocker by night, with his own band, HAT-TRICK. By day, he is 'Dippin' Dean', knowledgeable about all things ceramic.
Anyway, because we all love Dean and are all 'a little bit rock 'n' roll, some of us actually donned our rocker clothes and came to work. Poor Valerie is traveling and missed out on all the black clothing, band tee shirts, heavy make-up and Guitar Hero guitars. Believe me, V would have jumped right in and rocked with us!
Dean was very surprised when he arrived for work to see many of the marketing team paying homage to him. Allee went as far as to make a jacket with Dean's band's name on the back. That's what's awesome about working for a creative company. When the work day wrapped, we gathered with Dean around his truck and took a picture. Front row (l to r) is Nicole, Alyson, Allee and Alexis. Back row is David, me and Dean. Happy birthday, Dean!

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