Monday, March 17, 2008

Peace, baby!

Peace. What a calm word. So hard to find peace when you have kids, a husband, two dogs and a smart-alecky parrot that keeps yelling "MOM" no matter how many times you answer him! Seriously! And it's hard to think peaceful thoughts when you are working hard and cannot seem to find your 'happy place' because you don't even have a window to look out of. Fortunately, peace is really trendy right now. It seems you can open any number of magazines and catalogs and see the symbol for peace. Check out Sundance Catalog, Junk Gypsies, Lucky Brand Jeans, even Target. There's jewelry, belt buckles, tees and purses with peace symbols on them. Some are tie-dyed, some made from metal, some are crystal appliques. And why not? Peace is cool! It's so 60's. It's so anti-war. It is now a fashion icon. Besides love, it is what the world needs now. Honestly does peace ever really go out of style?

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