Wednesday, November 26, 2014

No Pricetag on Happiness

I love this blog entry from Apartment Therapy called No Pricetag on Happiness: 11 Entirely Free Ways To Make the Holiday Extra Wonderful. At a time when everyone is trying to sell you something, it's refreshing to have a site encourage you to simply use what you have or adjust your behavior to enjoy the holidays.

Whether you're hosting Thanksgiving or visiting loved ones as guests, whether your gathering consists of two or thirty, the holiday feeling we all hope for can be summed up in the following all-encompassing phrase: love and be loved. Ranging from physical ways to set the mood, to some unseen ways to make the holiday more meaningful, here are a few ways to add an extra touch of warmth and light to your special days. Here are the first two. Click here to see all eleven.

1. Light candles. These touches of light really do add instant warmth and festivity to any occasion, so make it part of your daily routine at this time of year. Remember to use unscented candles at the table, and to place them out of the way of children or animals who may knock them over.
2. Simmer something wonderful. I've known about the heavenly smelling stove top simmers for years. This year I want to actually do it. I think the key is throwing everything in a bag, ready to go, ahead of time so I'm not trying to "cook" up a nice smell when I'm trying to cook the pumpkin cheesecake.

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