Friday, November 1, 2013

DIY Candy Wrapper Crafts

Well, did you all survive the Halloween madness?! Us, too. Now, what to do with all those candy wrappers that are gathering as your kids (or you) make their way through the sugary loot??? Here are some really cool DIY projects I found that make me want to say "Kids, hurry up and eat that candy!"

This curtain from Luisa Caldwell is made from thread and old wrappers, and would make an excellent party backdrop.
 Gum wrapper chains also make for really great Christmas garland that you can use for years upon years. From The New New.

This coiled vase was made by Saved By Love Creations, from a combination of candy wrappers and magazines.

DIY Candy Wrapper Barrettes (source: MAKE)

Candy Wrapper Dress (source)
This gorgeous evening dress, designed by Christina Liedtke, took over 600 M&M wrappers and 1,800 flower designs to create. It was featured at TerraCycle’s Greenup! Popup Shop in New York City in 2010.

 DIY Candy Wrapper Wreath (source: Michele Made Me)

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