Thursday, May 27, 2010

Here's what I've been up to.......

Here's what I've been up to in the last two weeks:
My husband and I went to see Carrie Underwood at the Savemart Center on May 18th. She played with opening acts Craig Morgan and Sons of Sylvia. Carrie was awesome! I cried twice: once when she sang "Mama's Song" to a slideshow of pictures of her and her mother from childhood to now, ending with a picture of her with her fiancé Mike Fisher. And again, when she sang "Temporary Home." We had excellent seats and sat right under Carrie as she road in the back of a vintage blue pickup suspended from the ceiling of the auditorium. Wow!
Two nights later my children were in their school musical, and I was one proud mama! Of course, we had to go out for some Cold Stone Creamery ice cream after the play.
Two days later, I took a one day road trip to San Mateo to attend this year's Maker Faire. My friend Pattie and I went to check out DIY trends and anything else we found inspiring! If you've never been to Maker Faire before you really should go. It's like a tech-geek meets indie artist thing. There are delightful roving cupcakes, indie arts and crafts at Bazaar Bizarre, incredible foods to eat, Steampunk followers, and all kinds of interactive contraptions to boggle your mind.
Here I am almost at the end of a busy work week looking forward to a 3-day holiday. Tonight we are heading to one of my favorite places each summer - the Clovis Farmers Market. Lots of fresh produce, live music, yummy foods and a great street faire vibe where I always run into at least three friends. It's the best!

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