Friday, April 23, 2010

Rock On

I LOVE rocks. I always have. When I was younger I would collect rocks from our surrounding neighbors yards, even if it meant hopping their fences and sneaking into their gardens. When the Big Fresno Fair came to town I would always want to head over to the building where all the geology displays were, and I would always use some of my spending money to buy a bag of rocks. So it's no surprise that I had to show you what I found yesterday from Trend Central....rock themed products.Designed by Etsy seller nonfictiontees, the shirt is emblazoned with photorealistic illustrations, by naturalist/scientist/artist/all-around genius Ernst Haeckel, of precious gemstones and geodes. Check out this Crystal Ritual tank by Something Else. Looks like tie-dyed crystals to me. I love it.

I LOVE these soap rocks. These all-natural glycerin nuggets are now available at Urban Outfitters. Rock on!


Rachel said...

I also love rocks! Love the first shirt!

Susan's Modest Apparel said...

Love the soap rocks!


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