Thursday, January 28, 2010

CHA 2010 Favorite Things

Last Friday through Sunday, I was in Anaheim, CA, for the CHA Consumer and Trade shows. We have a big booth there to show off all of our products and to showcase all the fabulous things you can do with our products. The dyed velvet dress (above) is an example. It is so beautiful! And you can make this with our dyes! Wow!
I only had less than a day to walk the entire CHA Trade show (let me tell you, it can't be done and done well). So, I tried to walk fast, grab brochures, say hi to old friends and take pictures of all the cool things I saw. I tend to notice how things are displayed - I love interesting ways to display things - as much as I notice what is on display. Anyway, in no apparent order and with little or no explanation, here are some favorite things I saw at the show.........
Love this coat - it is so on-trend with it's patchwork construction and fabulous rosettes!
Love these paper rosettes.

Great way to display.
Lots of chandeliers at this show.

Me with Susan Lenart-Kazmer, a mixed media and found object artist. I am a big fan of her work.

Pressed velvet petals to make vintage floral embellishments.

Love how these bracelets are stacked. I think I am going to make a bracelet holder like this one for my many bangles.

This table (below) was in the Vintaj booth. I LOVED it!

My friend and co-worker at iLoveToCreate, the Crafty Chica, Kathy Cano-Murillo. She is always such a vivacious person to have in our booth. Everyone loves her!
A zillion butterflies dangling from the ceiling.

Loved this batik look that was being demonstrated.

My sweet friend, and former boss, Chris Wallace of Walnut Hollow.


Tally O said...

I'll actually get to go next year promoting my book! Be sure to visit me then!

Anonymous said...

I love the butterfly thing. That would look awesome in my little girls room.


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