Monday, May 11, 2009

Mother's Day

Mother's Day. Sunday. A day of rest................we talked about getting up early and heading to a favorite breakfast restaurant to have a special Mother's Day breakfast before heading off to church. Instead, we decided to hurry and get ready for the early service at church so we could have the whole day to spend at Bass Lake. We got home from church by 10:30am and changed into our play clothes. I grabbed the boys swim shorts and some towels, some sunscreen and the ice chest. We stopped at a sandwich shop and bought enough food to have a nice picnic lunch at the lake. We got up the mountain by noon and were enjoying our picnic soon enough at an empty table tucked beneath huge pine trees with a nice view of the lake. There was a gentle breeze and it carried one of my favorite scents in the world - the smell of a campfire. It was so relaxing to sit at a wooden table, laughing with my family, eating sandwiches. listening to the wind, smelling the pines. It was perfect! When we finished eating it was time for the boys to put on their shorts and play in the lake. They found some local kids playing with a log, and before long they were all friends.
It's funny how much fun a group of kids can have with a log!

Here's my honey and me, hiding from the sun under my umbrella. I am way too pink to get a tan!
At the end of the day, as we packed up all our stuff, including treasures like some perfect skipping rocks and some little bits of driftwood, my oldest son said to me, "Mom, it seems like it was kid's day because we got to play in the lake." I smiled and told him that mothers take great pleasure in seeing their children happy and playing. So for me it was a perfect Mother's Day.

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