Monday, March 16, 2009

Shoe of the Day

For Christmas I received a shoe-of-the-day calendar from my friend, Jonica. It sits on my desk and each day I am supposed to flip the top card to the back to reveal the next shoe-of-the-day. I just had to share today's shoe because it is so over the top. The featured shoe, designed in 2003 by Enrique Parreno, is described as a high heel with ornate butterfly applique. Boy, that's an understatement! It looks like Mr. Parreno was trying to hit on every trend imaginable, all in the same shoe. Let's see, there's the dyed animal print and the chunky jewels and the big butterfly, oh, and a feather just to top everything off. Hey, aren't these elements still trendy? Last time I checked butterflies, chunky jewels, feathers and animal prints were big. I guess it's how you wear them that makes them relevant. The bigger trend now is less is more. And a little tip: don't wear all things trendy at the same time!

1 comment:

Anonymous said...

Wow! I got the same calendar for Christmas. Today I did a Google search for Enrique Parreno to see what other shoes designs he had come up with, and your posting popped up. I was surprised to see you have the same calendar.


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