Monday, July 7, 2008

The Birdcage

The wings/feather/bird/ trend keeps evolving. It has spiritual connotations -think angel wings, flight, freedom - and is also all about nature - flocks of birds, trees, sticks and leaves, a wing, a feather . . .

It is so interesting to see where this trend is going. Feathers are again playing a role in fashion, this time in the Native American trend that is so big right now. Domestic and exotic birds are seen as props for fashion, while the birdcage motif is used in Anthropologie's latest catalog.

Also inspired by the idea of the birdcage is French designer Jean Paul Gaultier, who debuted his feathered-and-caged haute couture collection in Paris on Wednesday. He has always used corseting in his collections, but this time he constructed entire body cages in fluorescent yellow, orange and pink. He says, "Women feel so free nowadays that they are wearing cages again. It's the ultimate stage in women's liberation." Hmmmm. . . . I don't know about that.

I love this bird and birdcage necklace by Erica Weiner. It speaks more of liberation than a woman in a cage, don't you think?

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