Tuesday, April 29, 2008

Refashioned Jewelry

Back in February I went to the Sourcing at MAGIC show in Las Vegas with my friend and boss, Valerie. We spent half a day at the POOL show, the show that features the up-and-coming designers. The POOL show is my favorite because the designers are so open to sharing their vision for their products and designs, and the stuff is innovative and cool. The show has an indie vibe to it - very big on earth-friendly substrates and packaging, yet very design savvy. Anyway, there was a jewelry vendor there that Valerie and I flipped for - Angel Court. Each of the pieces is one-of-a-kind, made from vintage and antique treasures of the past. It so happens they were selling from their booth and V and I can't resist cool jewelry. So we picked a few pieces we couldn't live without. One of the pieces I just had to have was a bracelet made from a vintage Victorian shoe buckle and brass chains (left). It's fabulous! I get ooohs and ahhhs whenever I wear it. Valerie chose a necklace with a cluster of eclectic charms - a revolver, a poker chip, an old key. I loved the idea of refashioning jewelry, giving new life to old to old pieces. Then in March I am flipping through Country Living magazine and I see a whole spread of vintage inspired jewelry. Beautiful necklaces and bracelets made from multiple brass chains of various sizes and lengths, old beads, velvet flowers, vintage pins, old keys. Wow! I was inspired. I decided to head to Old Town Clovis and rummage through the antique shops for costume and vintage jewelry. I found Victorian shoe buckles and old keys. I bought some brass chain at a local bead store. I even used some junky chain I had from an old necklace. Being a jewelry maker I had some tools and findings at home to complete the look of my vintage refashioned jewelry (a bracelet I made, right). It makes me happy to see that I made something beautiful while at the same time recycling a bit of the past. So dig in to your old jewelry and make something trendy and "new."


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